Philippines’ Duterte a Drug User Himself

So now we know what has long been suspected: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has a history of drug dependence greater than that of most of the 6,000 or so murdered during his anti-drug campaign. Duterte has admitted past regular use (and over-use) of Fentanyl, the most powerful of all the opioids known. It is far more powerful than morphine – not to mention of opium itself. It usually only officially administered under strict control from those suffering the most serious pain from cancer or chronic diseases. Whilst doing the job of pain relief, it also is known to affect the brain in such a way as to alter normal behavior and judgment These latter are clearly evident in Duterte’s erratic lifestyle, many outbursts and some of his decision-making – not least his sudden abandonment of his nation’s victory over China at the Court of Arbitration on its rights in the West Philippine sea.

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