Netizens As Locomotive

Here is my translation of the blogpost:- “As Chinese netizens celebrate their tenth anniversary, my personal political commentary career is also in its tenth year. I come from a background of history studies. Several books that I have published are all about modern history – those were written in the 1990s. At that time I never imagined that I would cease my history studies and get involved in political commentary. Just prior to the last decade, a book publisher friend of mine gave me a computer to pay for my writing fee and then my internet writing debuted. Of course the internet speed then was very slow – the tiny globe that appeared on the upper right-hand corner of the web browser kept rotating for half a day before turning out a blurry webpage, like a vapor-covered mirror – you had to wait ages before it became clear. Despite this, I was feeling thrilled and had an acute sense that the internet was like a window that would open up to a whole new world for me – a world that would be more wonderful than what I could ever have previously been able to dream up.

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