There is an age old maxim in law, 'he who asserts must prove'. Thus far Justin Trudeau has made assertions under the protection of parliamentary privilege, then sought to water it down in the press but proved nothing to back those assertions against India. Me thinks its a diversion to his domestic problems.

India or any other country in its position vis a vis Canada or any other accuser, has no obligation to 'accept responsibilty' or to co-operate with a country like Canada which harbours a group of violent extremists and terrorists like the Khalistanis, a group associated with events of violence and terrorism, like the 1985 bombing of an Air India 747 overe Ireland killing over 325 innocent people.

Justin Trudeau's father, Pierre Trudeau, had earlier been warned by Indian authorities that the convicted bomber of that ill fated aircraft living in Canada at the time, was a threat and a danger to everyone everywhere.

Pierre ignored the warning and refused to allow the extradition of the Air India bomber. The rest as they say is history.

Funding and protection for the assasssination of Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi, an event carrried out by the same Sikh Khalistani terrorist organization, came from the same Sikh extremist organizations harbouored in the same five eyes countries of Australia, Canada, the UK and the US and Pakistan.

Hillary Clinton once said in a cryptic warning to Pakistan on maintaining terrorists on its soil for the benefit of destroying their adversaries and enemies: "You can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them to only bite your neighbour". Countries like Canada will eventually learn the meaning of that statement.

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Ironically, I think not many Canadians want to travel to the mud hole but it would be the other way around. Lots of Indians are looking to get out of the mud hole in search of a better life and away from the chaos of 3rd world infrastructure and lawlessness and ethnic division. So the loss is India's really.

One rarely hears of a person moving to India for a better life?

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Commenter Tong is an arsehole or lives in one. His name says it all.

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Struck a nerve did I? Face the facts and weigh it . How many Canadians rallying to move to India? Please clarify.

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Modi must put an end to Khalistan dream without further delay.

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The gradient descent will continue to descend if left alone. As icon Adnan Khashoggi’s slaughtered parts were by the US and more.

Bah humbug!

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