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Most Consistent and Best Quality - Price Rapport White Wine of the Year 2007 Maison Trimbach Riesling 2005 - Alsace, France Winery Profile Twelve generations of Trimbachs have prevailed since 1626 over this pre-eminent Alsace house, an unbroken line unthinkable in the new world. The collaboration of time-honored knowledge and skills always impresses me. Maison Trimbach commands the greatest respect from fine wine lovers universally. Their Clos Sainte Hune vineyard, which they have owned for two centuries, is the most distinguished single vineyard in Alsace and produces arguably the finest dry riesling in the world. Equally exceptional are their Cuvee Frederic Emile Riesling and Seigneurs de Ribeaupierre Gewurztraminer, augmenting a venerable house style of austerity, precision elegance, balance and dryness, setting them apart from an over- reliance on residual sugars from late-harvest grapes (vendage-tardive), an Alsace trend to achieve added richness and attractiveness. That said, Trimbach also make stunning late-harvest wines. It is however, Trimbach's entry-level riesling that impresses me most and merits 'Most consistent and best quality-price rapport of the year'. Unfailingly consistent and reliable, impeccably made considering the quantities produced and the exceptional value for a single premium varietal, this wine has rescued me on many occasions from a dry argument on wine lists or from gazing at a sea of pedestrian offerings on supermarket shelves.

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