Mitchell Watervale Riesling – Vertical …

Establishing the criteria for the best-value white wine producer of the year, encompassing both the new and old worlds, is not about identifying the best cheapest white wine on the market. Rather, it is about price-quality rapport, consistency of quality, distinctiveness, synergy in the Asian market and how it compares on the world wine stage. Mitchell Watervale Riesling over-delivers in every aspect. Having followed this winery for over two decades I can attest to their consistency of quality. A vertical tasting of 2000 to 2006 vintages reaffirms their unfailing capabilities. It is a single varietal wine, namely the noble Riesling grape and totally expressive of the ancient soils of the Watervale vineyards, a distinctive Australian terroir that is much under-appreciated on the world wine stage. As for value, clearly it is a bargain and a wine of such provenance would no doubt be treble the price it hailed from Germany or France.

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