Misplaced Passion (Part 2)

The official editorial style is no different from the past. I remember when I was reading the ‘The Times’ in Rome, I tried for several hours to find the Chinese translation of the phrase ‘wolf with a human face and the heart of a beast’, which was used by ‘Tibet Daily’ (the official government newspaper) to describe Dalai Lama. When I was back in Beijing, I finally found the original Chinese phrase ‘人面獸心的豺狼 ‘ – I almost laughed out loud. The China that is bent on showing ‘China Rises’ to the 21st century world, seems to be still living in the era of class struggle or in the Qing Dynasty of the mid-19th century – when a person’s opinion differs from ours, he is not even our equal or one of our species, he is an animal or a barbarian.

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