In the west we call it a cabinet re shuffle. If it occurs in China we call it a disaster, a revolution, a purge or an excution. Just goes to show how much of Western journalism is based on desperation, misinterpretation of facts and a shallow understanding of the politics and structure of China's adminstrative and political system. They never let the grass grow under their feet in China.

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But *you* of course know better, and can somehow see through the opaque dealings of China's elite! LMAO

At least in the West we can see what's going on (mostly) with our politicians, hold them to account with elections and ultimately take them to court if necessary. There are checks and balances, imperfect as they are.

In irremediably corrupt, backward nations like China and India it's just pure unalloyed sleaze from the top downwards and the population has little to no chance of justice or transparency.

Which is why they are inevitably doomed to internal collapse, like the ex-Soviet Union...

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