Malaysia politics is very cloudy, There are those in there to put their hands in the cookie jar and then there are those in there that are racist and want an all Bumi country and there are those in there who are power hungry. I mean look at that Hadi Bawang guy, he's all Mr holier than everyone but his agenda is of a wicked one.

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“Don't get upset with me if there is a call or a radio car outside of your house. We are monitoring, behave yourself," Fahmi told one reporter.

Who the F he think he is? Mao Zedong?

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Fahmi is new in the job. The guy has never really worked a day in his life. When he got the job, he wanted to please pmx. Just like saifudin, these inexperienced talentless duo make it worst for this unelected so call reformasi government.

His incompetent to relate to the public is why no one really knows what the government are doing day in day out. surely there are some good stuff but fahmi is not communicating with the people. Suhaimi Sulaiman, the boss of RTM has not been given policies and direction, theres no calendar of events from any ministry of programs of the day. It is on a touch n go basis.

Of course the social media fellas attack the government because fahmi doesnt know what to do.

Out of anger and fear that his boss find out he doesnt know how to work, he start oppressing freedom of the people to express and free speech. Threat here and there, its embarrassing.

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Let's not pussyfoot around. Let's call a spade what it is -- a spade. Pakatan Harapan -- the Harapan bit is every bit a laughable misnomer, and the loose translation of Pakatan is gang -- is the new-old Barisan Nasional. PH isn't just "approaching" the good old rotten days of Umno under Najib but it certainly is stylistically Umno today. Just about everything PH does is as ad hoc as was the case under Najib and Umno. To be sure, it was is very much like PH under Mahathir Mohamad MKII, when every cabinet minister, or just about, was doing his or her own thing. There was no policy coherence then. There was little of it under Mahathir MKI, and there is most certainly none under Anwar Ibrahim, who is destined to become a one-term wonder. And I mean "wonder". If this is what his Mandani philosophy is, it's a terrible and hopeless joke. But not surprising either, since Anwar has baulked at every turn on his promised so-called reformasi. In a nutshell, we're witnessing the continuation of the Malay Wild West in Malaysia that started under second prime minister Abdul Razak, and made even more farcical by Mahathir from 1981 onwards in terms of policymaking and politics. Had it not been for state capitalism and international foreign investment, plus -- lucky, lucky -- oil and gas finds, Malaysia would now Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe -- a basket-case with a pariah state.

Talk about racial stereotyping in Malaysian politics (what else is new in Malaysia if not for everything circumscribed by race and so-called god?), Anthony Loke of the DAP apparently went out on a limb to "check on" Malaysia's public transport system. But was he "checking" with a view to improve the long "standard operating procedure" malaise within this sector? I doubt it. He was doing a Lim Guan Eng under Mahathir MKII. Lim tried damn hard to be Mahathir's righthand man, as it were, even though at press conferences he was always seen sitting to Mahathir's left, leaning in and whispering sweet nothings into the old goose's ear. Only for the old goose to pretend to be listening to Lim. Lim wanted to show (a) he was finance minister, although it was Mahathir who oversaw by checking that portfolio, and (b) he wanted to fly the Rocket for the sake of growing the Chinese demographic, whether DAP, MCA or Gerakan or the non-committed Chinese. It got Lim very far, no? Lim tried to be the populist, and, in my view, so did Anthony Loke.

Now, as Loke has receded into the background, Fahmi Fadzil has stepped up to do the same -- be a populist. But for whom? Ask Anwar. The Malays, of course. PH's bread-and-butter votes that it's desperately unable to win over. Corrupt and incompetent Umno has certainly lost them all. Nobody can fault them for being dumb and selfish too. But Fadzil thinks he can protect the Malay mind by moulding, if you like, internet content from critics and extremists. Fahmi has big head and an even bigger ego, just as Khairy Jamaluddin had in her years until he more or less changed his tune when he led the covid pandemic fightback. Did a fair job of it too. But Fadzil isn't Khairy Jamaluddin. Fadzil is an incarnation of the old Umno. He's pro-Malay, not pro-Malaysian (whatever "Malaysian" is supposed to mean). He's regressive, not progressive, despite his expensive-looking Western suits and shoes. They're colorful and bright because he wants to stand out in the crowd -- the urban Malay crowd. Recall when he would dress without a tie. Relek Fahmi Lah! He wanted peple to love him. Trust? Another matter altogether. As for policy: Under PH, it's as ad hoc as it had been under Umno (Mahathir and Najib and Mahathir MKII). There's not one policy under PH that can be said to be progressive for the advancement of politics, society and the economy of Malaysia. Not a single one. Everything is based on populism. The cruder the better.

Which brings me back to Anwar Ibrahim. Who is he? What is he? Does he, himself, really believe in his Mandani claptrap, which he, claiming to be an intellectual, failed -- miserably, I might add -- to explain with clarity and brevity what Mandani stands for and how it will apply in the governing of the country across all its nefarious fronts? Anwar plucks stuff out of thin air. Fadzil is doing the same. Lim Guan Eng too, when it came for fiscal policies, including managing the Najib-punctured budget and Malaysia's growing debt profile. Anwar is low-fruit, in political terms. When he wears the traditional garb, he's playing to the Malay hinterland or kampong crowd who refuse to back him, refuse to lend him political legitimacy, whose "government" was created at only -- and only -- the behest of the king, not by popular Malay vote.

Najib has a penchant for Western attire. Very expensive ones too. As did Rosmah for materialism. Got husband and wife, both crooks, very far. But when Najib needed Malay backing, he'd be seen in baju Melayu and songkok. Which is what Anwar has been doing since becoming prime minister. Meeting foreign dignitaries in this gear and Malay sandals doesn't make Anwar Ibrahim Mahatma Gandhi (even though Gandhi was enever prime minister). But Gandhi was authentic, for the most part. Anwar Ibrahim, Fadzil and hoime minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, and others of this ilk in the Anwar cabinet, are not. Not by a long, long shot.

The real big worry is when Fadzil and Saifuddin turn the Malaysian state into a right royal Malaysian Gestapo state. Because that's where this is heading, as it was under Umno (Mahathir and Najib), racist and bigoted to the hilt, and endemically pro-Malay, the more Taliban PAS and the low-lives of Perikatan Nasional turn the screws more on Anwar and his so-called administration after Anwar and Pakatan Tidak Ada Harapan completely botched the state elections.

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