Robert, please tell me who in Malaysia is not a racist?

Generally speaking the Indians, the Chinese and the Malays are racists and this will continue until we can can really make a sincere effort to nip it in the bud and that is - in our schooling system.

That is nearly impossible, the Tamil Schools that used to be useless have now addressed their problems and come out with really good results topping the Math and Science results at the primary six level in the past they were nothing but useless and used to regenerate a supply of Indian labourers. The schools may be good but it is the character of the schools that makes it a the breeding ground for Tamil racists.

The same applies to Chinese Schools in fact they are far superior and have their own stream up to pre-university education they have proven not only to be effective in academic accomplishments but also to churn out students with racists tendencies.

All this is compounded by the Malays and the system of governance and it makes it impossible to get out of this mess we are in unless we nip it in the cradle, and that is to have a single unified education system.

The Chinese and to a lesser extent the Indians can help the government to form a better Education system not by protecting their own turf, but rather by offering to join hands and create such a system where the schools has a singular Character, they can offer inputs on how to draft proper curriculum and better modes of teaching and a more meaningful syllabus.

It is only with a single school system in which all our children learn and play together that we will witness a change in attitudes of the people of different, and if we aren't willing to do that we can continue to shout and point fingers at each other but to no avail.

If you look around you now most in Chinese in Malaysia claim to be Chinese not openly but by their actions, they want Sinovac because it comes from China,never mid if it si not effective against the delta and other variants, that is but just one example, everything about China is right and China cannot be wrong just in case you have not noticed it yet.

The Indians are no better.

So what is wrong with a Malay saying I am Malay first? We allowed it to happen by our own narrow mindedness and indifference creating these racial divides and refusing to let go.

If we want a United Malaysia we will have to make sacrifices, we can't think Indian, Chinese and Malay but instead identify ourselves as Malaysians, it will not be easy but as long as we cling on the the education bit, our refusal to understand that we have to create a Malaysian identity by getting rid of Chinese and Tamil on our billboards and by speaking the same language we are not ready and this curse will live on.

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I would like to add that I, however, agree the old guard like the father and son team at DAP should fade from the scene.

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Unfortunately, I disagree that the DAP should have taken Muhyiddin's offer. He (Muhyiddin) has proven that he is a treacherous person, not to mention a total racist since he clsims to be a Malay first.

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Tony Puah was absolutely right. An inclusive coalition has very little chance in Malay dominated Malaysia. Whenever the opposition stands with a Malay party before the elections, nearly always fails. This was an opportunity to support a Malay party that is in power and work with them. PH should have grabbed it. The truth of the matter is the Annuar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng were the "stumbling blocks"-time for them to retire. We dont see any new leaders being groomed. Self respect and intelligence have nothing to do-we need to be pragmatic-wait for the right moment and link with a Malay party so that PH can also participate in governance. What does PH have now? Nothing.

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Muhyiddin is not the devil-the worst of them all is DR M. If he only transferred power to Annuar , we wont be in this predicament.

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Why would anyone with self-respect and intelligence want to trust and support moo-moo olive branch during his last dying desperado overture? He betrayed his coalition partners in PH, betrayed his party chairman, cheated the King and later insulted the King? Why should PH support this man. PH would lost all his morale standing if they had done so. It is better for PH to fight another day than to save his soul less, imbeciles racist person. Now he goes into history the man that was "slapped" by the King and called a liar and the first PM that was sacked by the people...

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Great article, totally spot on.

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