Nothing new, right? It's Malaysia after all. It's Malays Inc Corruption at its best -- or worst. It has gotten worse, far worse, because the corruption, the pilfering, the lies -- the emptying of the state's coffers (what's left in the coffers) is the artful theft by the Malay elite at the expense of the vast majority of the Malay plebs who remain largely complacent, totally ignorant, even dumb, who think their god will save the day for them at some point, either on earth or in their dreamt-up paradise of the after-life. Which more or less explains why education in Malaysia has failed -- and failed miserably -- because education is sunk in racist Malaysia's politics, administered by incompetent Malays who are themselves poorly educated, who are placed in their roles on the basis if their race and political connections, while the Malay state, including this so-called Unity regime, headed by the false reformist and liberal-Malay, Anwar Ibrahim, has consistently nurtured the deepening nurture of Malay ignorance or dumb-down education that is internationally, totally worthless, so that the pilfering by the Malay elite can continue unabated.

One seriously doubts if any person -- all appear to be Malays -- who heads the Malay Inc state firms or GLCs, and those on the the firms' directors boards, are employable in the private sector or indeed in a international firm that actively competes in the global marketplace. (This is not to say MNCs do not also engage in business-political shenanigans.) But the near-total absence of powerful and independent regulatory bodies over not only private firms but also state firms, to put it simply, do not exist. The reason is just as simple: it is not in the express political and money interest the Malay state and its interlinked Malay feudal lords to deregulate the political economy. It is also not, as the French regulationist theorists would argue, in the Malay state's interest to re-regulate Malaysia's racist and corrupt political economy. Which more or less begs the question of how much relative autonomy the Malay state enjoys from the powerful moneyed interests (this includes the Malay capitalist class links to its domestic Chinese and Indian capitalist classes).

The example of Khazanah's business prowess has always been suspicious to this writer, as is those of Petronas (the state oil firm that has been routinely bailing out the Malay state's fiscal bottom line; a reminder of the similar role played in Indonesia by Pertamina), and the Malaysian state pension fund EPF and indeed KWAP and Tabung Haji. Malaysia is just over-crazily corrupt (as it is also over-crazily racist). So it comes as zero surprise that national income in Malaysia has suffered monumentally at the hands of incompetent Malays ruling the roost for their penchant for corruption to enrich themselves. It comes as zero surprise that not a single regime since 1957 has engaged in real fiscal or economic reforms, much less taxation reforms. Just as it comes as zero surprise that their investigative bodies in Malaysia, including the entirely corrupt Malay-dominated police force and the MACC, whose chief remains under suspicion of corruption himself, have thus far escaped full and proper scrutiny by independent bodies, which have also failed to be formed because the Malay state continues to thwart such moves.

The plague in Malaysia isn';t covid. The plague in Malaysia is Malay-based and Malay-run corruption and racism in its guise of so-called Islamism or seemingly in the guise of redistributive policies (specifically or specially for the Malay plebs) via the state's Malay socialism ideology that was born under the corrupt guise of the defunct from the start New Economic Policy. All Anwar Ibrahim can do, is doing and will do is follow the old precepts of his predecessors and make Malaysia not better but worse and worse.

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Malays are not plebs. Hello, two even went into space and our varsities and healthcare are among the best in the world. All this is due to the many were and are hardworking govt servants who built this country up to what it is, the PWD, TNB, Tenaga workers and the police and army who keep the nation safe while the non Malays namely the Chinese have quite free reign to set up gambling joints, bak Kut teh shops, Chinese schools and their businesses. The country is perhaps better than many other South Asian and South American countries. So shut up and don't call us overly crazily racist when we allow other races to be rich and very rich sometimes at our expense. The true racists are the ones who specify that candidates must be able to speak Cantonese or Mandarin in order to be considered for a job. So get your facts straight, stop rubbishing the Malays, many of whom are by the way hybrids of Malays, Chinese, Arab and even Caucasian. Yes we too are highly fed up of the corruption and seemingly endless jostling for power but it doesn't mean we're complacent. It's just like the seemingly daily shootings in the US, though that might seem like comparing apples to oranges. I'm sure many there are not complacent. Btw, instead of just slandering people, why don't you come up with some solutions, being the seemingly smarty pants that you are?

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You pick two, just two, among the vast majority who are Malays to argue that they went into space? Did they go into space on a Made-in-Malaysia rocket/spaceship? Hardworking Malays who are government servants. That's true: they serve the Malay government and not the public, which is why, I suppose, you did not label them as "public servants". The public, especially the non-Malays, are often scowled by your Malay "government servants". Is it because they might have to left a finger -- for somebody else? By the way, why are the near-absolute majority of Malays "employed" as "government servants, and ever so few non-Malays? Why are most top hierarchy (not echelon) government servants Malays (or converted Muslims) and not non-Malays? And they work hard -- with long lunches? They built up the country -- with long lunches? Have you seen the surly Malays at immigration checkpoints who are forever scowling at being made to work when a plane-load of passengers arrive? Have you seen Malay Customs employees sitting back and have whiling away the time? Have you seen , have you seen? Why do Malays, with lesser qualifications, find easy passages into "universities" and "government scholarships" but the bulk of non-Malay students have to beg, steal or borrow to attend universities? It's easy to set up bak kut teh shops because indoctrinated Malays won't visit them. But do go to Concorde Hotel and watch Malays, for example, down a few beers and even the harder stuff. Kaki Umno? You should not walk around your country with horse-blinkers. You want me to shut up? The only reason you'd tell someone to shut up is because you can't handle the truth. You can't face the truth. Plebs are ordinary people but from a lower social class. That's a historical fact. Kampong Melayu Malaysia is full of them, brainwashed -- increasingly -- by the putrid Islamic extremist party PAS. At one time they were contained and maintained by UMNO, a party full of corrupt Malays. Just about every one who is nabbed by the authorities on corruption is a Malay. Najib Razak is a Malay. Rosmah Mansor is a Malay. Zahid Hamidi is a Malay. The old and scandal-ridden Bank Bumiputera was littered by Malays.

You're wrong: Malaysia is not "better" than many South Asian and South American countries. It's only relatively better. It wasn't built by Malays; it was built by the blood, sweat and tears of some Malays, but mostly Chinese and Indians. And, to boot, shiploads of foreign capital. You know what your Malay capitalist class amounts to? Ersatz capitalists. Or rentier capitalists. They're leeches: they live off public monies but enrich themselves the same way. You want to brown-wash your country's history too? Shame on you. You're so malas.

I don't give a pig's ass how many Malays are of "hybrid" breed. The fact remains that they are quickly absorbed as Malays -- to boost your Malay numbers. It's systematic and deliberate outnumbering of the non-Malays. Or is to better to call Malays bumiputera, even though the real bumiputera are the orang asli, whom your crazily lazy, racist lot have systematically also marginalised?

It will pay you to recall how Malay Islamist forcibly and secretly convert innocent non-Malay children? Or how the Malay government servants refuse to give the foreign spouses of Malaysian citizens and their children citizenship. What do you call that - magnificent Malay benevolence? Non-Malays have been proffering solutions since May 13 1969. How many of your lot listened? Did your Mamak Mahathir Mohamad, self-proclaimed Malay, bumiputera, Malay socialist dictator? Instead he enriched his children, his cronies, his nepotists, his swindling, incompetent Malay GLC managers, bailing out state-owned firms. As did Najib Razak, who stole blind from the Malay plebs, and others of his ilk, past and present and so will the future. Isn't that why so many Kampung Melayu Malaysia plebs are falling into the arms of PAS, prostrate before the vile Hadi Awang, liar extraordinaire, racist extraordinaire, seeking to vilify non-Malays every chance he gets? Will Taliban Hadi burns down churches and temples but build more mosques so he can brainwash more Malay plebs beholden to his extremist Islamism?

You're right: the Malay "government servants" are running the country -- but into the jamban. Your armed forces are majority Malays. Your police force is overwhelming Malay -- and crazily lazy and hopelessly corrupt.

Nothing wrong with jostling for power. That's politics. It happens everywhere. But your politics is racist to the core. It is corrupt to the core? Most of your politicians are idiotically incompetent and stupidly uneducated or under-educated. Because they are almost braindead, they jostle for power in the name of agama. Which agama? It's almost as if the other agamas, those of the non-Malays, are irrelevant, or, as the Islamic extremists would prefer, need to be sideswiped from Malaysia. But go ahead: get rid of the non-Malays. See what becomes of racist and corrupt bumiputera Malaysia? You might just turn into another Sri Lanka or Pakistan -- broke to your skin -- the way Malay elites hav been carrying on, stealing from Kampong Melayu at the same time as repressing them with your false nationalist ideologies.

Go ahead and call me names. Make you no different to the racist Malay politicians who bring up issues of race and religion and, when shit hits the fan, you subscribe t name-calling like a spoilt child.

By the way, the bullshit you loaded up that non-Malays have been allowed to enrich themselves "at the expense of Malays", is just that -- Mahathirist bullshit he was loading up in the 1960s that led to Malays murdering non-Malays in 1969. Mahathir lied. Now you lie. You have zero idea who the Malaysian political economy works. None. How many of your abang Malay elite live in posh houses and drive posh cars and travel in luxury and have big fat bank accounts and have stashed away tons of money -- probably proceeds of corruption or crime -- abroad in tax havens or Swiss bank accounts? Why don't you ask them? Why don't you ask Bank Negara governor? Why don't you ask the MACC chief?

You want me to shut up? Well, I won't. And you can't make me.

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