Macau Tidbits

I had always been one of those strong critics of youngsters who bury their heads in online games all day long, until I found out that I was equally capable of losing self-control when I tried to play those video games in The Venetian casino. While computer games cost kids only their time and energy, those casino games machines can cost you lots of money once you start! No wonder The Venetian has been offering to give away free ferry tickets (between Shun Tak Centre pier and the new pier near that hotel) to its casino patrons, on condition that they stay in it for at least an hour and just play as few as two 5-cent video games in the one-hour duration (one at the beginning and one at the end just to have the time checked). I intended to play two games just to get the free ferry ride home and ended up spending half a day glued to the machines, not to mention the money lost! It is no doubt in the operator's calculation that the casino will pocket much more in gaming revenue from one patron than the price of a round-trip ticket offered to him as bait.

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