Jihad Finds a Home in India

Police found 10 unexploded bombs in the western Indian city of Surat yesterday, three days after a devastating series of blasts across the same state killed 45 people The recent serial blasts, in Bangalore as well as Ahmedabad, have raised the always-present inclination to blame Pakistan, and particularly the Pakistani government’s notorious Directorate for Inter-Service Intelligence, or ISI. But in fact Indian intelligence officials have a new and ominous concern that the bombings, on consecutive days, would have been impossible to carry out without the involvement of local operatives, giving a new dimension to terrorism and forcing the government to look afresh at the situation. Until now India has largely been free from the menace of the jihadi action that has wracked much of the Muslim world. Despite having the world’s second largest Muslim population and occasional communal outbreaks, Indian Muslims have generally not been radicalized. But things appear to be changing though the reason could still be external.

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