Indonesia's Judicial Flying Circus

It seemed to be the kind of headline that could only appear in an Indonesian newspaper: "Final 15 Lawmakers in Miranda Case Finally Stand Trial,” read a recent edition of the Jakarta Globe. But indeed, not only were 15 former members of Indonesia's House of Representatives on trial in five separate hearings for accepting bribes, another 11 for a total of 26 have been ensnared in a case involving a vote for Miranda Goeltom, a 61-year-old economist who was appointed a senior deputy governor of Bank Indonesia, the country's central bank, in 2004 over two other candidates. Nor is that all. According to a tally by Asia News, 51 lawmakers from the Ninth Commission of the House of Representatives alone, which oversees banking affairs, have been accused of corruption for various reasons. That is nearly 10 percent of the house, which has 560 members.

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