Hong Kong-Shanghai Bourse Tie-up on Track

On Oct. 13, the long-awaited “Shanghai-Hong Kong Thru-train” linking the Shanghai and Hong Kong share markets is expected to start to roll. Pilot runs started on Aug. 11, giving both markets a 1 percent bounce. The decision to link the two markets has been on the cards since the October 2013 Third Plenum of the Communist Party and is very much at one with Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s vow to make the economy more market-oriented. It was triggered by the success of an experiment starting in April 2013 in which Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Macanese investors were allowed to open onshore brokerage accounts.By July, more than 30,000 such accounts had been opened, with their owners acquiring renminbi4.2 billion worth of A-shares through roughly 9,000 active trading accounts.

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