Happy Valley - An Extreme Makeover

I have always had a soft spot for lower Happy Valley, where I lived with my family for a good part of my youth. It is an area in Hong Kong that I would often revisit from time to time, as I still have relatives and friends living there. In the days when I called lower Happy Valley home, the place was a relatively tranquil and secluded residential area, with many tenement buildings on Sing Woo Road, Tsui Man Street, Village Road, King Kwong Road, Yuk Sau Street and Yik Yum Street. There used to be a vibrant open air wet market at the junction of Sing Woo Road, Yuk Sau Street and King Kwong Street, which included a famous cooked-food stall that sold steamed rice rolls, deepfried dough and congee in the morning, and stir-fried beef and rice noodles and other hot dinner dishes in the evening. The food was so good that wealthy people from upper Happy Valley used to drive their Benzes there for the takeouts. The wet market also served these people and made some hawkers so rich that they could afford to buy newly built flats on King Kwong Street for self-use within a few years from start-up.

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