Do Women in Power Act Differently From Men?

With the numbers of women in high office and corporate boardrooms creeping up slowly across the globe – not nearly fast enough, particularly in Asia – the question arises: Do women in power act differently from men? Several studies of women’s involvement in environmental protection cited below seem to indicate that they do – marginally. How that plays itself out across the wider spectrum of politics and business remains to be seen. Is Yingluck Shinawatra, considered by some to be her brother’s puppet, an example? Or Angela Merkel, the current German Chancellor? Some women in politics, like the late Golda Meier of Israel and Indira Gandhi have not flinched from using force. The toughest of them was probably Margaret Thatcher, who ran the United Kingdom with an iron hand for more than 11 years and once famously told US President George H.W. Bush after Iraq invaded Kuwait: “Don’t go wobbly on me, George.”

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