Denying Access to the Enemy in Warfare

Sam J. Tangredi is the Director of San Diego Operations for the planning-consulting firm Strategic Insight. One of the US’s most prescient thinkers on modern warfare, he is the recipient of the U.S. Naval Institute’s Arleigh Burke Prize and the U.S. Navy League’s Alfred Thayer Mahan Award. His latest book is "Anti - Access Warfare: Countering A2/D2 Strategies," published by the Naval Institute Press. In it, he describes “anti-access and area denial warfare,” as the most likely strategy to be employed by the People's Republic of China or by the Islamic Republic of Iran in any future conflict with the United States. This important new study advances the understanding of sea power by identifying the naval roots of the development of the anti-access concept. Tangredi was interviewed by Victor Fic, a freelance journalist based in Canada.

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