Chinese Youth Need Own Group Belief

This is my translation of an op-ed piece of Southern Metropolis:- “Today is the anniversary of the May 4th youth movement. In the past 8 years, this day has become just one of the seven public holidays in a year, which has the effect of diluting the significance of the youth theme. People have been forgetting that the spirit of youth should be encouraged and invigorated on this special day. Yet this year, the day May 4th has resurrected itself and reminded people that it is not just a holiday, or just a day for consumer spending and making merry – there is a calling that needs to be rejuvenated and a spirit that needs to be commemorated. Incidentally at this very moment, the youth of China are playing a leading role in a patriotic movement and they once again have become a resounding group, forcing people to scrutinize their spiritual status and psychological condition.

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