This article is totally spot-on: a straight up account of what has happened and not happened in Hong Kong in relation to Covid. Hong Kong has two years to prepare for this, and yet now appears to be taken totally by surprise! What an earth have they been doing? Hong Kong should’ve looked to Singapore a long time ago for guidance.

What is happening now it’s truly a disaster for Hong Kong, this feeble, pathetic plea that they need help from Beijing is just the beginning…

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Feb 21, 2022·edited Feb 21, 2022

This is ridiculous how Asiasentinel twists what is happening. HK has never seen this kind of covid outbreak and is trying to deal with it. The local government can't manage and calls for a lock down, just like what Australia did about 6 months ago. Now one may have your opinion on that but it's definitely not a Crack down as you put it. Stop trying to politicalize everything just to earn a buck!! Typical!

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