As a follow-up, SG state media just confirmed the insider accounts of private bankers in Singapore helping to facilitate money laundering and creating forged documents to fool banks' AML/KYC regimes. One of the suspects named in linkage with Su Baolin's forgery charges is a certain individual named Wang Qiming, who is an employee at Citibank.



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It's good to see the veneer peeling. Keep up the good work. Your posts has gained a lot of views on LinkedIn especially.


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This is the tip of a very large and sinister iceberg which the US used once as a conduit and weapon to fund anti government activities in places like Malaysia and Thailand. This source of money has unfortunately for the US found its way back to haunt and bite them and their allies in places like Singapore and Australia in different ways.

Estimates put black money flows from China into Australia and the US at more than a trillion dollars over the period of a decade and half. Much of it used to fund construction and purchase of real estate using real estate agencies, lawyers and accountants as undisclosed trustees of Chinese buyers to avoid detection by Chinese authorities, whilst also allowing them to fly under the radar of Australia's Foreign Investment Review Board. Money laundering something Singapore knows a thing or two about.

In 2022 many of the so called independent and new commers to the fight in Australia's general elections (many independents) were funded by Chinese black money particulary in seats once held by the two large political parties in Australia.

A swing in south east Melbourne which was traditionally a conservative held seat swung to the left with the help of Chinese black money not for ideological reasons but as retribution against the Liberals who were pro American in their policy towards China. An anti Chinese stance.

Singapore is now beginning to feel the brunt of Chinese anger towards them as the Chinese fund woke policies and candidates to destabilze Singapore.

Hillary Clinton once said to Pakistan (about terrorism) and I paraphrase: "You can't expect the snakes you keep in your backyard to kill your enemies not to also bite you and harm you someday".

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All fiat currencies in its essence is โ€˜dirtyโ€™.

Gold and Silver is money.

Currencies all return to zero ultimately.

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