could go down as worst trade ever.

in reality, the russians could have framed anyone with celebrity value. but in this case, it happened to be someone glad to work in russia for more money, cluelessly carrying cannabis as americans do, and has a history of game violence.

i say keep bout jailed, let them keep griner, and send over lebron james (although he prefers being a crony to china).

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Ever wonder why the US DEA was in charge of a sting on sovereign foreign soil when Bout was never suspected to dealing or transporting drugs? Me too! Any civilised country would call this what it was: entrapment.

And why was Bout so important to the USA that they kept an official US govt plane on standby on the tarmac at Don Muang for more than a year, to take immediate advantage of any Thai extradition order?

Surely you must be talking about American arms dealers! In pursuit of profit, they do all you seem to say about Viktor Bout. The US certainly continues to supply weapons to too many countries to count.

And they can’t stand competition!

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Aug 1, 2022·edited Aug 1, 2022Author

You may go to Asia Sentinel's original coverage of the Bout trial in Bangkok, in which we pointed out that the United States at that time was the world's biggest arms dealer. It may still be. Thank you for taking note of that fact. but let it be known that it doesn't diminish the damage done by Viktor Bout. -- Eds.

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