Not surprising really, is it? The Congress Party a la Nehru and Indira Gandhi (and beyond -- with the possible exception of Manmohan Singh, who governed India with such finesse, unlike the crude Narendra Modi -- was always elitist, snobbish, egotistical, dynastically-bent, and without imagination and vision. Congress is structurally and institutionally flawed. And given the swing further to the right of the worst of Hindu nationalism, Congress has been long dead. For this reason, it was destined to be hammered in these recent elections.

This does not make the BJP and Narendra Modi flawless. His ultra-rightwing Hindu nationalist racist fervor is as evident as cows in India are omnipresent. So is their dung. And the BJP, but Modi in particular, reeks of his ultra-conservative Hindu racism against Moslems, in particular, and other minorities in India including the Dalit class who are routinely marginalized and abused of their rights and dignity by Hindus. If China is burning down mosques, so have Hindus, sponsored the BJP, doing the same against India's Moslem minorities and their mosques.

To suggest that unlike Congress the BJP is hungrier for power, that Modi wants to equal and even beat Nehru's record election victories is both an understatement and amateurish an argument. There is nothing worse than a crude racist populist as Modi who has a fascist streak about him. Modi will take his rightwing Hindutva ideology, an unrefined race-based militant ideology, further to the right of politics and create in India and amongst its minorities the specter of Hindu rightism over all others and devolve India not as a democracy but as fascistic, taking a turn towards forms of Hindu Nazism, pretty much the way Nazis in Germany under Adolf Hitler took up the cudgels against the minority Jews.

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