Best Eats: The Ramly Phenomenon

In Manila you can get a Jollibee burger. In most of Asia you can get a Big Mac or a Whopper, and so what? But with Ramadan upon us in Malaysia, it’s a long wait until the sun goes down and the vision of a Ramly Burger cart almost makes one faint. The Ramly Special is a uniquely Malaysian phenomenon,. an astounding burger that would cause the average dietitian to go into cardiac shock. The carts, which have become ubiquitous in Kuala Lumpur, deliver up a burger different from one anywhere else – and different from any other Ramly burger, for that matter. Whereas McDonalds sends its people to Hamburger University in Oak Brook, a western suburb of Chicago in the United States to make sure every Big Mac is exactly like every other Big Mac, the Ramly Burger is a bespoke burger.

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