No one will be jealous of plagiarists passing off their gibberish compilation of other people's material as Opinion.

Opinion is about connecting the dots for originality of thought and original thinking.

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He didn't connect the dots.

The writing was just form of plagiarism.

He didn't take the cue from the plagiarism.

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Berthelsen, based on his own words, lacks editing skills.

He claimed that I was writing gibberish on Najib. He more than implied emotionally that Najib was big crook. He advised me on letting an Editor go through the gibberish. He claimed that he doesn't edit gibberish.

My jurist pieces on Najib are based on the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution. This is where Berthelsen falls apart. He compiles all anti-Najib material in the public domain into forms of gibberish and passes them off as Opinion.

It's still plagiarism although rewritten, attributed and referenced. There's no originality of thought and no original thinking. It's true that there's no law on plagiarism.

Opinion pieces must be based on connecting the dots for originality of thought and original thinking. That happens in my jurist pieces.

There's no place for emotions in law.

Berthelsen may be handicapped by the fact that he never read law. He has always remained the school dropout who just grew older in Asia but never gathered skills for the workplace.

He exercises self-censorship, imposes censorship, and denies the right of reply on even the content carried by the website. He publishes only if he agrees with the gibberish.

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Nothing new, John Berthelsen. After all, what do you expect from a totally racist, totally corrupt country and its ruling regime with a steadfast Third/Fourth World mindset whilst holding pretensions to become an advanced economy and a First World state? It was clear from the start Anwar Ibrahim was never in the driver's seat as prime minister. He got there not by the grace of voters but that, given that his own party PKR had performed poorly in the last election, although a bit better than Umno, that he would be presiding over a weak regime that could collapse at any moment. It was by the grace of the last king who, out of desperation, asked Anwar Ibrahim to form government -- in conjunction with Umno and the DAP along with two other parties from the Malaysian Borneo states of Sarawak and Sabah. What the then king should have done, if he had the guts, was to call for fresh elections.

This in part explains the kinds of shenanigans that have been played out since 2022 by the so-called Unity government with shawls itself in the ridiculously pompous mantra of Madani -- a typically vague and pretentious philosophy that would herald "good governance" after the last 67 years of uninspiring, corrupt and racist governance. What the people have seen of this Madani Unity regime is purely sickening comedy and pusillanimity of the ruling Malay regime. It's clear Malays couldn't even run a chook raffle to save their miserable lives. Anwar Ibrahim couldn't even make a final decision, despite his boasting that he was on top of his game, over his Madani rice price cap caper. That's how brilliant a finance minister he has turned out to be yet again, as he was back in 1997-98 when he was lost in total confusion and cluelessness about what to do with the onset of the Asian financial tsunami that very nearly brought Malaysia's economy and, worse, its entire financial system to its knees.

PKR does not run the business of governance. Umno does despite its small number of seats in the so-called august parliament (of jokers and idiots). The DAP is a party of gutless Chinese wonders who blow hot air out of their asses, and are rightly dubbed as Malaysia's "new MCA" (Malaysian Chinese Association, which was a part of the old, rotten, racist and hideously corrupt Barisan Nasional coalitional regime ruled by Umno, but a party of, by and for Chinese tycoons who were busy kissing the asses of their Malay masters for government contracts whilst seeking state protection against foreign competitors in the SME sector). So don't expect anything but more bupkis and baloney from the DAP.

The only reason Anwar gave the birdbrain Ahmad Zahid Hamidi the post of deputy prime minister and than the amalgated rural and agri ministries was because Anwar's reign as PM was at best tenuous and he needed, for Malay eyes and crucially Malay legitimacy and Malay votes, Umno to save his political neck. Give him a rope long enough and he'll hang himself again, as he did in 1997-98, and several times as PKR/Harapan leader over by-elections and state elections, and again over economic subsidies and more recently saving the pathetic ringgit from being quashed like a cockroach under the weight of the dominant US dollar (this is another story). Fact is, Anwar is simply a lousy, outb of his depth minister when it comes to the economy and finance (on this point Mahathir was and still is right). He's only good at jawboning his opponents and propagandizing aimed at the Malays. Even the ex-Boustead boss is now minister of defense when he was consistently drowning the hopelessly corrupt and incomoetent Boustead into the deep blue sea. To be sure, incompetent Malays are being propelled into ministries and the bloated Malay-dominated bureaucracy, all of whom would struggle to sell tissue-papers beside Malaysia's public toilets.

But don't expect anything to change. There's a reason why Anwar Ibrahim was in Kelantan and Kedah recently. It wasn't "business" over economic matters but the business of political legitimacy, to win over the ultra-conservative Malays in those states before the elections in 2026 (assuming crook Hamidi doesn't knife Anwar in the back, front and sides before then). There's a reason why the bureaucracy was given a hefty 13% pay hike, to increase what in Malaysia is called gaji buta (literally blind wages) -- again to win the Malay bureaucrats' political support before the 2026 elections. My bet is that Anwar Ibrahim will not stop there. If Malays have relied on state crutches for their livelihoods, there is even more reason those crutches will be reinforced with more special state subsidies for a special race who, laughably, call themselves bumiputera. Anwar is already campaigning harder to win the next poll. He's not governing. He hasn't been governing. It's all showmanship (from the traditional Malay garb that he wears to his fast-paced walk when the cameras are rolling to show he means business).

The one thing that really has stood out for me over the many years I've been watching Malaysia's political economy is just how pathetically predictable the playbook has become. Take a look at its communications minister Fahmi -- what a clown he's turned out to be, taking the old Umno route that one day soon will see him stare down the online and social media (when Malaysia goes with begging bowls to the Microsofts and the Googles and the Apples for "postmodern technological" investments. Anwar Ibrahim would have had to give these transnational firms some hefty financial incentives for them to invest in country like Malaysia; they do not come to invest out of the goodness of their hearts. Of course, the other clown is the home minister, Nasution. He can't tell his ass from his elbow on the best of days.

So what hope is there for Malaysia for what it hopes to become even by 2030? Trouble is -- and maybe even seen as a saving grace for the Anwar regime -- that the opposition of Bersatu, Perikatan Nasional and PAS are worse: they'll take Malaysia to the halcyon years of Talibanistic rule and their dark caves. The best of both evils, I suppose.

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This Article remains compilation of known facts being passed off as Opinion.

It remains form of plagiarism even if rewritten, attributed and referenced. It's true that there's no law on plagiarism.

Opinion must be based on connecting the dots for originality of thought and original thinking.

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We heard you the first time, Joe. And it's just as stale and pompous the second and third time of reading your bilious, jealous postings...

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I have already said what should be said.

Berthelsen may be suffering from delusions driven by demons i.e. sign of forms of incorrigibility or sign of forms of mental illness and/or sign of forms of insanity.

All this shows inability for learning from mistakes.

Intelligence remains the ability for learning from mistakes. That increases the intelligence level. New mistakes can happen but not old mistakes being repeated again and again. That defines insanity.

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I'm just pleasantly surprised Berthelsen didn't bash the Jews/Israel in this article.

If you accept the writing as a compilation of facts and observations about Anwar's administration then it has merit. If you are looking for well presented original thought, then perhaps you are visiting the wrong website.

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If you have something better to offer on this topic I'm sure John and Asia Sentinel would be more than happy to take your article submissions, if you don't want to just publish it yourself on your own Substack.

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