An Interview Transcript

Q1.你曾在地產公司就職很長時間,我發現在《地產霸權》中,你描繪這些公司時,用了感情色彩相當濃厚的辭彙。能否談談在地產公司就職期間,你自己對這個行業在認知上的一些改變?[You worked for a long time in property development companies. Can you tell us how your perception of this industry has changed over time?] A1. It was in the 80s and 90s that I was employed in the property development industry, a period that saw the longest bull trend in the property market. In my recollection, during that period, no other business was as profitable as that of property development. In the 80s, leading developers could still be considered as honest business people who were very mindful of their reputation. Beginning with the 90s, when almost everyone was caught up in a frenzied speculative mood, greed seems to have superseded ethical sales practice for developers and even many of their employees have become property speculators.

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