Whatever government they install, it seems corruption is rampant.

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It means a lot more than that. It signals an approach to the arrival of a new broom to sweep out the cob webs, the rot and the steench of corruption in the courts and legal services of Malaysia thus far beholden to the dirction of foeign funded Regme Change outfits within the country . It may also be and a fresh attempt to make the courts of Malaysia accountable and more independent of government and vested interests.

It also means the freeing up of an unhealthy and cosy relationship between judges and powerful though incompetent lawyers and their peak professional bodies like the Malaysian Bar and its Bar Council two political parties parading under the guise of a guild of professionals.

If Anwar remains beholden to US political forces they are not the forces that reigned in 1998. Much has change in US foreign Policy and Affairs and its methods since Donald Trump broke the back of the Washington insiders and their bum boys abroad in places like Malaysia.

Nothing can be taken for granted or judgments made about Anwar, his capacity or capabilities to rule at this stage. The fat lady is just warming up.

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Quote: "Despite deep and growing public fury, there is now no countervailing political force in the country to stand against Malaysia’s increasing slide toward endemic corruption."

Touche. But it's nothing new. Could have told you this decades ago. Since the mid-60s in fact. The rot had set in courtesy of Mahathir Mohamad's overtly racist, nationalist Malay Dilemma horsedung (not dissimilar to the racist, Hindu nationalist horsedung that comes straight from Narendra Modi's mouth).

Quite right that there are zero oppositional voices in Malaysia, bar a few NGOs, to raise the heckles on the corrupt Zahid Hamidi's "exoneration" by Malaysia's justice system. It's not the justice's fault in this case but the attorney-general's. It was, by any stretch of the imagination, a political decision to suddenly drop the Hamidi case when a prima facie case against Hamidi has been laid fair and square against the Umno crook. It does, if nothing else, smack of political interference from the top of government. Anwar Ibrahim is a weak-as-piss prime minister. He lacks a backbone. He occupies his post, and that of finance minister (he shouldn't when he use to whine endlessly about Najib Razak being finance minister and prime minister), in this so-called Unity regime but by courtesy of -- purely and simply -- the king who, I dare say, blundered in his decision. Anwar, desperate to keep his position that he thinks he was always destined to usurp, will do whatever it takes to keep himself in power. He can only do this by sleeping with the crook Hamidi and crook-infested Umno. This much is very clear.

The big question for the attorney-general (so-called, and if he has the guts to spill them) is to tell the country's people, the so-called Malaysians, if (a) there had been political interference from within the Unity regime and (b) name the culprit or culprits. To use the utterly pathetic excuse that Hamidi remains under investigation by his chambers and the untruthful, unbelievable, illegitimate MACC, whose boss himself is a suspect on how he managed to accumulate so much wealth.

If nothing happens -- 100% guaranteed no beans will be spilled -- then we know -- 100% -- that Anwar's Madani "philosophy" of good governance, sustainable development and racial harmony in Malaysia, amounts to total kerbau-dung. Like his dictator pal Erdogan of Turkey, Anwar borrows concepts that are nothing but populist empty vessels. Because in totally racist, totally corrupt Malaysia, his Madani is unworkable. It's a pipe-dream designed to win over the Malays, first and foremost, and perhaps half of the non-Malays, mainly the urban Chinese. But the Malays have ditched Anwar for the opposition PN which is itself hopelessly corrupt, hopelessly incompetent, hopelessly untruthful and hopelessly racist to its Malay and Islamic core. So much for "benevolent, equitable" Islam.

Anwar's promise of reforms 25 years ago were just crudely populist then and they are now of Madani. When he allowed himself to be coopted by Mahathir to serve in the latter's Umno regime, he sided with Malays autocracy, Mahathir's dictatorship, allowed Mahathir's rabid racism to flourish, allowed corruption in Malaysia to become its main business. And when he was booted out of the Mahathir regime in 1998, he tried -- TRIED -- to change his tune. He wanted to be known as Malaysia's Pied-Piper but never once condemned overt Islamic-based racism by the Malays, never even condemned the overt racism practiced by the Chinese (and for that matter all the other races in Malaysia), but sought the grandiose platform to topple a corrupt Umno regime. In exchange of what?

The regime he leads now is the same old regime that ruled under Umno (don't forget, Anwar willingly became an Umno dude and carried out the duties and practices of Umno's racist policies). Those policies continued to exist under the previous Harapan regime. And they've come back in a big way under the so-called Unity regime.

Nothing in Malaysia has changed. It can never change. It will never change. Most of those nabbed in corruption are MALAYS. Many who are corrupt carry state titles. Those titles entitle them to live above the law (the laws in Malaysia, like its constitution, is an ass) and conduct corruption practices of administration and "business" in cahoots with their Chinese big capital counterparts. One has to be totally ignorant and naive not to understand this or to deflect it for some righteous "Malaysian" horsedung.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Anwar Ibrahim or one of his goons is behind Hamidi not spending a hour in prison alongside Najib Razak. And it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Hamidi now puts pressure of Anwar to obtain the king's pardon for his former boss who, incidentally, remains rather popular among sections of the Malay community -- urban and (especially) rural. And if the king blunders again by pardoning Najib and/or his money-hungry wife, what, really, is Malaysia if not a pariah state?

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