By: Our Correspondent

Asia Sentinel wrote a series of stories on the brutal murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, a young Mongolian woman slain in Kuala Lumpur in 2006 by two bodyguards assigned to now-Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s office.

The stories linked the crime to Malaysian defense procurement irregularities, a bribery investigation in France and a court case that saw the two bodyguards convicted of murder but no higher-ups implicated in ordering the death of the 28 year old woman, who was pregnant at the time and had been romantically linked to a close friend of Najib’s.

Here are the stories we’ve reported:


April 29: Is UMNO Paying a Convicted Murderer’s Legal Fees?
The killer of Altantuya Shaariibuu is represented by UMNO lawyers

April 6: Senior KL Lawyer Questions Altantuya Murder Cover-up
Open letter demands that national police chief answer allegations

April 2: Malaysia’s Mahathir: Who Ordered Mongolian Beauty’s Death?
But why now?

February 23: Malaysia Media Circus over Murder Case
Altantuya’s killer offers to talk, then refuses, law enforcement officials scornful of charges

February 3: Who Ordered the ‘Hit’ on Altantuya?
A former US diplomat questions who was behind Mongolian beauty’s murder

January 21: Will Altantuya’s Murderer Talk in Australia?
Malaysian cop’s detention poses dilemma for political figures in Kuala Lumpur

January 15: No Extradition for Mongolian Woman’s Killer: Australia
Confession describes Altantuya’s death in Malaysia with chilling detail

January 13:  Shock Altantuya Murder Verdict in Malaysia
Federal Court rules Mongolian woman’s killers were guilty after all


July 9:  Altantuya Comes Back to Haunt Malaysia
A spectacular murder covered up by the government comes alive again


August 23:  Malaysia Frees Altantuya’s Murderers
The tragedy of a brutal killing compounded by courtroom farce

July 30:  Submarine Furor Returns to Malaysia
Central figure in bribe case seeks to paint company at center of the scandal as legitimate

April 1: Malaysia to Sell Submarines
Drag on the country’s treasury, PM says

March 15:  Central Figure in Malaysian Submarine Murder Case Dies
Private detective who tied prime minister to relationship with murdered woman has heart attack