Warrant of arrest for SJAM head

Interestingly, the Securities Commission had already warned before about SJAM on its own website, in words that could not be more clear "a scheme to defraud":

Both this list of unauthorised websites/investment products/companies and individuals and the referral list by IOSCO are, by the way, highly recommended, great service in a country where so many cheating schemes (especcially pyramid schemes) seem to thrive. With very limited and slow enforcement, people should stay alert themselves. I hope the lists will be updated regularly.

Some more information about the rather mysterious ties between SJAM and Maxbiz can be found here and here.

Interesting quote from Tan Whai Oon: "For a listed company, we don't normally ask for board representation. there is supposed to be much more transparency in listed companies, there is supposed to be corporate governance and independent board members".

This sounds all rather naive, to hear this from a fund manager in the Malaysian context, may be that is why he is rumored to have gone to Nepal?

Some high net worth customers of CIMB were referred to SJAM, as this article from PWM (Professional Wealth Management) shows: CIMB striving to stand out from the Malaysian crowd. CIMB will definetely stand out from the crowd through this recommendation, but not for the good reasons, their "holistic approach to wealth management" didn't seem to work, at least in this case:

Many, many questions remain in this case:

  • How much of their money will clients from SJAM receive back?

  • How long was this scheme going on (from The Star: "Subsequently, a senior finance executive of the company spilled the beans on the accounts that have apparently been cooked since 2001")?

  • Wich company was responsible for auditing the accounts of SJAM?

  • Where were the regulators all those years?

  • When will finally some justice be done?

  • When will all the issues surrounding Maxbiz and Geahin be clarified?

  • Etc, etc, etc.