The Chaos in Global Supply Chains

What former President Trump wrought is still playing itself out

By: Chen Xi

As the global competition between China and the United States has intensified, Washington has sought to starve China of essential semiconductors it needs to install in information and communication technology equipment and systems.

Meanwhile, a glut of orders due to booming ICT demand (including for a wide range of products from appliances to automobiles) and supply-chain disruption caused by pandemic have exacerbated a global chip shortage. All this has inspired both the US and China to become more independent in their own core supply chains. 

In the US, for example, the Semiconductors in America Coalition (SIAC) was formed in May to advocate for policies that would promote semiconductor research and manufacturing in the US, easing reliance on imported chips. China, for its part, is focusing on boosting the quality of its own semiconductors and its production capacity. This will require surmounting challenges including the need for basic sciences breakthroughs, technological innovation, and market opening…

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