Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra

This complex is a labyrinth and malls simply don’t do it for me at the best of times, however once you get your bearings I have to admit it was a completely painless or perhaps good luck on this occasion that we choose the right parking spot, close to the lift that came near the restaurant.

I can also report that this is the best Indian food I have had in Singapore, in line with the recommendation from an Indian friend who categorically rates it the best in town. I am not reviewing the restaurant proper at this stage as a return visit is in order but wanted to share with you a dish that was a revelation; Guchchi Pulao, a Pakistani rice dish using Morel mushroom from Punjab witha Naan topping, which I interpreted as a nod to Paul Bocuse’s pastry-covered truffle soup.

Yes, I know I sound completely ignorant for a foodie having never had Guchchi Pulao before moreover I had no clue that India grew Morels. But that’s OK, I’m happy to admit ignorance and elated that I have discovered this dish. It was sensational with an exquisite earthy aroma wafting through our table as our waiter open the Naan lid and served the rice.

The menu here is extensive with the Tandoor dishes and needless to say, grills really impressive, both vegetarian and carnivorous. The Tandoor duck is stuck in my olfactory’s; I can smell it, see it, I’m reaching for my glass of pinot noir and another mouthful of it!

I must say I was also impressed with the service with a very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable front of house team; somewhat of a rarity in Singapore. One gripe though; the wine list is tragic and desperately in need of the Wandering Palate “Wine Kama Sutra – it’s all about the dexterity of your palate”. They need to grasp wine goes brilliantly with Indian cuisine and put as much energy into their wine list as the menu.

“I’ll be back!”