HK Chief Exec Caught Red-Faced in Macau Photo

As if one of Beijing’s Hong Kong acolytes Henry Tang wasn’t in enough trouble, current chief executive Donald Tsang appears to have been found enjoying himself as guest of honor at a Macau banquet attended by sundry gambling identities and assorted gangland entrepreneurs, as well as some Hong Kong businessmen, according to the Chinese-language Oriental Daily newspaper.

A casually dressed Tsang was there with his wife at an event which did not appear to be attended by any Macau government officials and hence could not be regarded as part of his own official duties. Dressed in a maroon turtleneck, Tsang was caught on camera by a photographer as a companion at the table attempted to block the shot. The habitually bow-tied Tsang has always portrayed himself as a squeaking clean administrator.

Henry Tang, as chief secretary for administration is Donald Tsang’s second-in-command, has been in an embarrassing scandal for having illegally built a 2,200 square foot basement addition to his luxurious home in Kowloon Tong without getting the okay of the planning department. That and other missteps appear likely to put an end to his candidacy to replace Tsang as chief executive when by 1200 electors in Hong Kong’s vote later this year.

Apparently, as soon as Tsang’s bodyguard noted that he was being photographed, the Hong Kong chief executive and his wife made a hurried exit and went to dine elsewhere.

Tsang’s presence however was not only captured on video but soon found its way onto the website of the Hong Kong-based Oriental Daily. His behavior when consorting with this group clearly indicated that he was aware that sharing entertainment with such triad-associated persons was unlikely to go down well with the Hong Kong public or indeed the Catholic Church despite his preference for obeying the orders of Zhongnanhai above those of the Vatican.

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