GP Ocean Food & Securities Commission (1)

The Defendant’s defence is that around 2006, G.P. Ocean Food Sdn Bhd, in which Defendant is one of the director was in the process of going into public listing on the main board of KLSE. The application was forwarded to the Securities Commission and on 22.3.2006 the approval by SC was granted. At that time Datuk Ali Kadir was the Chairman of SC.

Around 10.5.2006, SC received an anonymous letter alleging that the Defendant had made use of the influence of the Plaintiff and various others including Datuk Ali Kadir, Dato Azman Yahya (Former Chairman of Danaharta Urus Sdn Bhd) to guarantee the approval of the Defendant’s company application for public listing.

Pursuant to that incident SC had decided to review its approval.

Consequently the Directors of G.P. Ocean Food Sdn Bhd decided to withdraw the application pending investigation by the SC.

Conclusion by the judge in the defamation case: