A Talk on "Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong"

Details of the talk are as follows:-

[左翼21]主辦:左翼星期四 反自由市場的地產財閥






曾在地產集團任職高層多年的Alice Poon 在《Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong》一書中,以自由市場的立場批判港式地產商主導的經濟,猶如封建時代的生產邏輯;並揭露地產財伐如何在政府的「暗合」下,透過「合法」手段吞拼各個市場環節,建立龐大的地產王國,「統治」香港。


查詢:2395 0031(序言書室)、9809 4981(林致良)

The speaker 易汶健 has recently done a review in Chinese of my book. The link to the book review is here:


Here's the link to the bookstore's website:


Anyone who is interested in attending the talk is welcome to contact the bookstore direct to book seats.

I am flattered and humbled by the operators of HKReaders having shown such an interest in my book. I hope the talk will generate more heated discussion and debate on the current land and housing quandary and, by extension, the existing economic, social and political impasse. After all, it is up to Hong Kong's young people to shape the city's future and to instigate much needed progressive changes for the benefit of the whole society.