Salaryman’s Heaven in Hong Kong


21 Lan Fong Rd. (Behind the Lee Gardens)
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong 

Ichiban is Hong Kong's most authentic izakaya, or traditional Japanese drinking spot. If you read Japanese, you won't need a menu: all the dishes are posted on the restaurant walls.  The food is anything but refined, but you can get just about any kind of Japanese dish you desire, from noodles to sushi to robotoyaki/yakitori (grilled meats and vegetables). The mode of eating is tapas-style: small snacks to go with your beer or sake.  The "master" is a jolly Japanese gent who favors suspenders. The booth beside you will contain red-faced Japanese businessmen complaining about their boss.  Everything is tasty, but we recommend the grilled salted mackerel, the barbequed chicken wings, deep fried tofu with bonito shavings on top, soft shell crab, and if you want to go really Japanese, try the grilled beef tongue. It's a specialty. Check the seasonal items too, such as big Hokkaido crabs. Kampai!

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