The Mystery Behind Singapore’s Expulsion of a Chinese-American Academic


International Investment Firm Ordered Shut in Bermuda
China Overseas Investment Curb Exposes Splits in Government


Good for Alibaba? SCMP Quashes Column on Xi-linked Tycoon


Gay and Undocumented, Burmese Refugees Struggle in Thailand

Book Review

Book Review: Islands and Rocks in the South China Sea: Post-Hague Ruling
Asia Sentinel presents a series of forecasts for 2017 addressing the major Asia-Pacific economies.

Economic Outlook 2017

  • 1H2017 Review: Korea US President Donald Trump greets his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in, at the White House

    South Korea’s long-running political upheaval ensured that 2017 kicked off amid controversy. The very first day of the year saw president Park Geun-hye denouncing her impeachment by the National Assembly. However, on March 10, the Constitutional Court upheld the ruling, […]

  • 1H2017 Review: Japan Japan's salarymen have seen low wage growth in recent years

    For Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, 2017 has been the year that his political credibility came into doubt. A poll conducted by the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper on June 17 and 18 showed that Abe’s approval rating fell 10 points to […]

  • 1H2017 Review: Singapore Thousands gathered to pay homage to Lee Kuan Yew in 2015. Now his family is squabbling over the late PM's legacy

    Singaporean politics was rocked in June by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s siblings, who accused him of abusing his power. Their main grievance concerned what they considered the prime minister’s efforts to acquire and preserve the family home. His actions, […]

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