Favored Curry

Jordan Curry House
G/F, Man Chik Building
47 Woosung Street, Kowloon

A couple of blocks from the Temple Street night market and the curbside palm readers is the Jordan Curry House. This tiny restaurant somehow manages to pack 32 hungry diners shoulder to shoulder on most evenings. What the restaurant lacks in ambience and spaciousness is more than made up for by the food. A personal favorite is the Chicken Tikka Massala, which I refer to as the Face Melting Chicken Tikka Massala, with an order of garlic naan. They also offer a range of Tandoori meals and other curries where you may find some what less spicy meals.

But for me it’s that scorching tikka massala. I enjoy the dual pleasure of a delicious meal and the challenge of getting through a serving of the fiery dish with my upper digestive tract intact.

The staff, though busy, are friendly and manage to keep the water glasses topped up and the price is right for those on a thrifty budget. So if you’re looking for authentic South Asian cuisine with some bite, check out Jordan Curry House.  But remember you've been warned; the Chicken Tikka Massala isn’t for greenhorns.

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