Book Review

Review of and commentary on select books and publications

by Michael Sheridan, published by William Collins, hardcover, US$2995 from Amazon
By Dennis Ignatius, self-published, softcover, 320 pp, available through Gerakbudaya, RM60.
By Vaudine England. Hong Kong Peridote Limited, soft cover, 340 pages
By Ted Osius, Rutgers University Press, Chicago, hardcover and audiobook, 332 pp with notes and bibliography, US $29.95
By David Jenkins. ISEAS Publishing, Singapore. Soft cover, 548 pp with notes and index
Edited by Timothy Cheek, Klaus Mühlhahn, and Hans van de Ven. Cambridge University Press, US$79.99 on Amazon
By Azly Rahman, Penguin Books, 224 pages.
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