China Dams the World

If it flows, dam it. Third in a series on Chinese environmental devastation

Asia in 2016: China

The Chinese government had much to be irritated about in 2016, both at home from its gyrating stock markets, and abroad from an unfavorable international ruling on its South China Sea expansion and attacks on i... Read More...
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China Can’t Back Down

The seeds of what is going on in Hong Kong today, with tear gas being used on local protesters apparently for the first time in history and student heads being busted by police, were sown in 1997 with the promu... Read More...
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A Chinese Author Takes On China

How much did Joe Chung anger the Hong Kong and Beijing establishment, and what were the results? Chung was one of the most controversial authors on the popular but now-defunct House News, a Hong Kong-based n... Read More...
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China Gets it Wrong

China is in the unique position of laying claim to three regions directly outside its borders, at least according to the people who live there, whose citizens mostly would like nothing more than to have China l... Read More...
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Washington’s Stuttering Foreign Policy

US foreign policy is exhibiting an advanced case of ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It bodes ill for those in Asia who welcomed the “tilt” towards the region which was supposed to follow the US... Read More...
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Michelle Obama’s China Visit a Disappointment

American First Lady Michelle Obama’s “good-will” tour with her family in China last week wasn’t good for the Chinese: a number of people (some aren’t even dissidents) were detained, kidnapped, assaulted or put ... Read More...