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From our story Criminal Rape or Philippine Nationalism?

… : andrelawson
You say that: "Sympathizing with convicted rapists is more controversial than appealing for the release of journalists accused of revealing state secrets". If only it was controversial. Sit down in any Wanchai bar, or for that matter, the FCC, and you'll find that your perspective is that of the mainstream longtime expat in Asia. Given your comment that Smith's three comrades testified that the sex was consensual, maybe you'd be happier with Sharia law and the requirement for four male witnesses before a man can be convicted of rape. Chilling, dismal, but, sadly, within the context of expat Asian journalism, anything but controversial.
January 1, 2007

Olongapo oh my God : Felix
From all places in The Philippines Olongapo is least suited to stretch a hand out to touch a girl. The city has been cleaned by its late mayor and his widow of all immoral sins. When I last was there they had closed down all girlie bars. For this they received from the West the Konrad-Adenauer Price, named after a catholic politician, which is awarded for exceptional clean city management.
A few years ago an Australian citizen was imprisoned in Olongapo for alleged child abuse. As far as I could research on location, he had been approached by a girl from the Manila slums who had shown him her ID-Card to prove that she was old enough to be a money-earner for her family. At his trial the police produced neither the girl nor her ID-Card as evidence. He was sentenced on poor hearsay.
I am willing to believe that both victims of this kind of justice, the Australian and the GI, are innocent.
January 3, 2007