Smuggler’s Paradise

The underside of China’s exports revolution —
its delivery to North America and Europe of a cornucopia of consumer
goods — is counterfeit and smuggling.  Justin Mitchell, in three
stories, gives a detailed picture of how that takes place.  We look at
the delivery of bogus US dollars from North Korea through the  Chinese
border city of Dandong, we look into a counterfeit watch factory in Shenzhen,
and we see a picture of Sasha and Bogdan, two intrepid Russians determined to
smuggle anything, no matter how big or small, to any country where they can
sell it.




Shenzhen Confidential

A Russian smuggler’s Chinese girl Friday tells Justin Mitchell about
the underbelly of the economic boom and what became of those ‘cars.’


China’s Blurry Line Between Fake and Real

Inside a counterfeit factory in Shenzhen, the
reality of China’s massive knock-off goods trade is on display, one
watch at a time.




Tracking the North Korean Supernote

Kim Jong Il’s regime is accused of counterfeiting US hundred dollar bills that are good enough to fool some experts. Turns out, they are easy to buy just across the border into China. But you can’t fool a Hong Kong money changer.