By: Our Correspondent

New Delhi
Sagar Restaurant
Shop No. 24, Defence Colony, New Delhi

The dosa, idli, vada and uttappum – four South Indian dishes – have become the most beloved snacks of the entire nation, India's vegetarian equivalent of the hamburger (if you will), and they're available just about everywhere these days. They are as spicily satisfying at breakfast as they are at lunch or at teatime.  Nothing compares to the home-cooked versions, and if you don't have a South Indian relative, your best bet is to travel to a South Indian city to revel in the real McCoys. But in New Delhi, Sagar is the reliable Dosa destination. Start with the spicy Rassam soup, served in a thick glass with kari leaves floating on top, and then choose from a wide variety of fried dosas, vadas or uttappums (coconut is a particular treat) or the more sedate, steamed idlis. They're all accompanied by a pungent bowl of sambar for dipping. The South Indian coffee is fine too. Be prepared for a hungry and aggressive queue at lunchtime. – By Anthony Spaeth