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Had I been the unfortunate captain of that Gulf Air Flight (154), (after landing) I would have returned to the airport, equipped with a sophisticated transceiver (in general terms, known as the scanner) that covers all frequencies (and a couple of other necessary equipment).

I then would have parked my car near a road adjacent to the control tower, and after tuning into (and therefore controlling) the ATC frequencies, I would have cleared all the flights in the holding pattern(s) to land immediately.

The scene would have looked more spectacular than USAAF Air shows, but Gloria Macapagal Arroyo – a.k.a. Catholic dream girl – would have a hard time defending the image of her (?) country!

How can NAIA ATC (Ninoy Aquino International Airport Air Traffic Control) get away with this? That serious question baffles aviators' minds.

Denying landing/clearance to a long-haul aircraft that is already low on fuel (and in a state of 'emergency',) is equivalent to committing mass murder (of crew and passengers) on-board.


PS: But this happened in the Philippines. So who cares? After all, most see it as a third-world country full of brown sheeple.

PPS: It is illegal to own (or possess), operate, or transport a transceiver/scanner (for frequencies, you are not licensed to – e.g. ham radio, aircraft related equipment, etc.).

Therefore, don't any of you start getting any ideas from my comment above!

I will take no responsibility in stating the obvious that most of us (who were or are pilots, etc.) already know. Also, treat this (PPS) as a disclaimer.

Joy be with your loved ones. Once again…

January 10, 2007

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