About Us

Asia Sentinel was created to provide a platform for news, analysis and opinion on national and regional issues in Asia. It is independent of all governments and major media enterprises. It is open to contributions not only from journalists but from professionals in fields such as finance, diplomacy, science and the arts. It has no ideology other than a belief in the benefits of a free media. It will not publish editorials but give free rein to diverse opinions.

The founders believe that with the retrenchments in recent years of regional weekly and daily print publications, there is a need and demand for such a site. They also believe that internet publishing is now beginning to become a commercial proposition and that Asia Sentinel can become a self-sustaining site. Meanwhile they welcome new investors who share their outlook.

The editors will impose no writing formulas but will edit solely for clarity, brevity and accuracy.

Who we are:

  • John Berthelsen, Editor - Formerly managing editor of The Standard newspaper in Hong Kong, Berthelsen was also a correspondent for Newsweek Magazine, the Asian Wall Street Journal and the Sacramento Bee.  He has lived in and reported from five different countries in Asia.
  • Philip Bowring, Consultant Editor – A 30-year resident of the region, Bowring is Asia commentator for the International Herald Tribune and the former editor of The Far Eastern Economic Review.
  • A. Lin Neumann  – Neumann was the founding editor of the Jakarta Globe in 2008 and is the former Executive Editor of The Standard in Hong Kong. He has been a journalist in Asia since 1983 and was also chief editor of the JoongAng Daily in South Korea.