Thai Junta Faces Headwinds Reflating Economy

Structural problems both at home and abroad indicate improvement is slow


Terrorist Cell Shocks India

Bangladeshi jihadis seeking to establish shariah law in eastern Indian states


Australia and China after the FTA

Major step forward in bilateral relationship

Jokowi Takes On the Oil Mafia

Fuel subsidy cut, warnings to top figures the party’s over 

China’s Infrastructure Bank: Can it Fly?

Opportunity for sustainability or political football 

Indonesian Women Police Recruits Face Degrading Virginity Check

Human Rights Watch describes humiliating and painful ‘two finger’ test of applicants

Taiwan Midterm Polls a Toss-Up

Tight races in key cities raise concern of a ‘surprise’ to tip the results

Vietnam’s Cable Car Mania

Company plans to defile world’s largest cave

US Navy Muzzles a China Critic

Intelligence chief sidelined for warning China is preparing for war with Japan

Oz Premier Abbott Goes Tone-Deaf at G20 Meeting

Miscues abound 

Myanmar’s Rohingya: The Roots of a Tragedy

Decades-old migration into a poverty-stricken state set the scene for persecution