Japan’s Election Without a Cause

Mandate needed by PM Abe to refill quiver, find third arrow


Hong Kong Property Hits the Stratosphere

Residential property is now 15x family income,but no end in sight, report says


Grim Anniversary for Shocking Filipino Media Murders

Five years later, justice delayed is justice denied for massive Mindanao attack

Thailand Junta Not Wearing Well

Growing frustration greets Prayuth and his generals even if real defiance is still impossible

South Korea’s Press: The Illusion of Freedom

Intricate web of connections, a frowning government, keep a tight leash on reporting

Trade and Transfats in the Pacific

Imported foods are bringing dietary disaster to the islands of the South Pacific

Thai Junta Faces Headwinds Reflating Economy

Structural problems both at home and abroad indicate improvement is slow

Terrorist Cell Shocks India

Bangladeshi jihadis seeking to establish shariah law in eastern Indian states

Australia and China after the FTA

Major step forward in bilateral relationship

Jokowi Takes On the Oil Mafia

Fuel subsidy cut, warnings to top figures the party’s over 

China’s Infrastructure Bank: Can it Fly?

Opportunity for sustainability or political football