Modi Steps Up India’s Defense Preparedness

But can he conquer sleaze in one of the world’s most corrupt militaries? 


Surrogacy: Human Right or Reproductive Exploitation?

Wild variation in regulations worldwide ensure that surrogacy is both human right and exploitation


Sensational Murder Complicates US-Filipino Relations

Transgender’s death, allegedly at the hands of a drunken Marine, gets in the way of the US Asian pivot

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New president looks outward to the world’s oceans

Beijing Seeks APEC Triumph

Asian cooperation: hanging on a handshake

Final Appeal for Anwar to Begin in Malaysia

‘Sodomy II’ trial reaches final phase in politicized high court.  Anwar’s political future at stake.

Conspiracy Oracle Backs Beijing from Bangkok

A shadowy “researcher” recycles doubtful claims about HK’s Occupy Central onto the world stage

Burmese Reporter Dies in Army Hands

Freelancer may have been murdered after arrest

Shinzo Abe’s Women Troubles II

On Oct. 22, we looked at women in Japan’s work force. Now we look at politics.