Thai PM Prayuth Picks a Loose Cannon

Picked by Prayuth as a graft-buster, key official exposed as extravagant spendthrift


Indonesia’s Bare-Knuckle Politics Target Democracy

Threat to local elections, fuel subsidy stalemate and corruption arrests point to tense transition


Cambodia’s Preah Vihear Temple After the conflict

A disputed temple comes back to life after Cambodia-Thai border squabble

Book Review: Free Trade’s Ardent advocate

Free Trade’s First Missionary: Sir John Bowring in Europe and Asia. By Philip Bowring.  Hong Kong University Press, hardback, 282 pp. Available on Kindle

Vietnam Quickly Shutters ‘Land Reform’ Exhibit

Show on post-WWII revolutionary land policy causes online outrage and is soon closed

Book Review: The Art of Symbolic Resistance

Uyghur Identities and Uyghur-Han Relations in Contemporary Xinjiang by Joanne Smith Finley

HK Tycoons Go Ivy with Harvard Gift

Record-setting Chan brothers’ donation underscores Chinese influence and Hong Kong’s double-standard for the rich

Chinese Pilots Push Back at US Spy Planes

Close encounters of the dangerous kind

Thailand’s Disgraceful Human Trafficking Record

Thailand’s Achilles Heel