India’s ‘Post-Truth’ Answer to Crisis
Malaysia Protest Peaceful, Crackdown Continues


Cambodia’s Capital City Reaches for the Sky
UN Marrakech Climate Talks End with Little Action


Veteran Malaysian Diplomat Sounds Alarm over Tyranny


Violence Against Myanmar’s Rohingya Spreads to Aid Workers

Book Review

Book Review: Easternisation: War and Peace in the Asian Century

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- John Elliott

ctoFor more than 30 years India’s courts have issued instructions about how the country should be run, usually filling gaps left by inefficient and indolent governments. Yesterday however the Supreme [Read More]

- John Elliott

Arun Jaitley says demonetisation will lead to India’s “new normal” Ministers use post-truths on bank notes crisis and train crash The publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary last week made post-tr [Read More]

- John Elliott

When Indians elected Narendra Modi as their ultra-nationalist prime minister two and a half years ago, they were voting for change in the way that the country is run, just as American voters did last [Read More]

- John Elliott

India warns Britain that free trade includes movement of labour Theresa May has discovered in India during her first bilateral visit outside Europe that she runs into the same blockages over free trad [Read More]


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