Vietnam: Steady as She Goes
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A New Look at North Korea
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The Enemies of the People


Massive Break Illustrates Indonesia’s Prison Dilemma

Book Review

Book Review: The Dictator’s Dilemma
Asia Sentinel presents a series of forecasts for 2017 addressing the major Asia-Pacific economies.

Economic Outlook 2017

  • Economic Outlook 2017: Thailand 6907752302_1b79b84221_b

    Thailand’s economy is poised for modest growth in 2017 as solid domestic spending is expected to offset weaker export growth. Confidence is expected to return as the country puts a long period of mourning its late King Bhumibol Adulyadej behind […]

  • Economic Outlook 2017: Hong Kong HK_Happy_Valley_Shing_Woo_Road_Hong_Kong_Property_Shop_Signs_n_Ricacorp_Properties

    Slow economic growth, rising wages and prices, political instability, lower property values, confrontation between the United States and China over trade or security, and Mainland interference in the rule of law are just some of Hong Kong’s concerns going into […]

  • Economic Outlook 2017: Taiwan Chinese_Tourists_in_Taiwan_(0153)

    Taiwan’s economy is expected to continue its recovery in 2017 on the back of a pick-up in exports as the global economy improves. However, the upward trend is expected to remain gradual due to an uncertain international and domestic political […]

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- John Elliott

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