Police Brutality in Vietnam

Repression goes far beyond locking up bloggers


Book Review: Unknown Tale of Chinese in WWI

From the Tsar’s Railway to the Red Army.  By Mark O’Neill, Penguin Book. Kindle price, US$2.71. 

The US, Vietnam and Shifting Alliances in Asia

It’s not only the US that should be worried about a Russia-China axis, but also Vietnam

Malaysia’s Sultans Regain Power

Leadership vacuum at both state and national levels opens the door

China Breaks its Promise to Hong Kong

China fears democracy contagion if true universal suffrage were allowed in Hong Kong

Thai PM Prayuth Picks a Loose Cannon

Picked by Prayuth as a graft-buster, key official exposed as extravagant spendthrift

Indonesia’s Bare-Knuckle Politics Target Democracy

Threat to local elections, fuel subsidy stalemate and corruption arrests point to tense transition