Hacker Havoc Against Hong Kong Activists

But government doesn’t protest or investigate cyber-theft and invasion of privacy


Leaks Confirm Attacks on HK Press

Apple Daily is the most visible target, but there are plenty more


Prabowo Subianto: Indonesia’s Opposition Leader?

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Bitcoin Grows on Asian Users

Fast, cheap and anonymous, electronic money proves a hit

Thai Junta Writes Its Own Insurance Policy

Interim constitution grants sweeping powers to the military

Media Censorship in Vietnam

Despite suppression by extrajudicial punishment, social media continue to grow

Rare Good News for West Papua

Elections, conference, and freed prisoners bode well

Stateless in Hong Kong and Happy to be

Aliens find a unique path into the territory with hopes of staying, illegal or not

The US Harms Its Global Prestige Over Israel

American pretensions to be an evenhanded peacekeeper go down the drain

Breaking the ‘Silos’ of Drug Use

HIV, HCV, TB, laws and funding

It’s Official – Sort of: Jokowi Wins

Election Commission awards Jakarta governor the win, but Prabowo says no