Murder at the China-Vietnam Border

Border incident echoes state violence on both sides


Protectionism Grows in China

Report details western companies coming under the gun from regulators


Maintaining America’s Roots in Asia-Pacific

United States must be seen as something more than a visitor if it intends to continue its 150-year presence in the Pacific

Yangon Lights Up

After decades of power starvation, new energy plants produce light

Malaysia’s Karpal Singh Dies in Car Crash

Crash takes life of one of Asia’s most prominent human rights lawyers and opposition parliamentarians

Journalists in Thailand Face Prison for Quoting Pulitzer-Prize Report

Thai Navy tries to quell local reporting using criminal libel laws

Vietnam Getting its Economic Act Together

Vital reforms to stay on track

Generational Change Destabilizes Thai Politics

Privy Council, military and other traditional bodies can’t cope

Leveraging the TPP for Human Rights in Vietnam

Hanoi’s recent release of political prisoners is nothing more than a distraction. The US should use the TPP to demand serious reform